Mantas Zvinas and Samir Poonawala of SurfYogaBeer – Connection as Innovation

Surf Yoga BeerCan meaningful connections propel a business to scale, and scale fast? Can SurfYogaBeer’s process of bringing people together actually be a kind of innovation?

If you ask Mantas Zvinas and Samir Poonawala of Surf Yoga Beer, a fast-growing, incredible community all over the world who have had an experience on adventures, events, classes or just parties, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Mantas (founder of SurfYogaBeer and a SoulCycle instructor) and Samir Poonawala (Analyst at Tribeca Angels), join Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

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New York Jets Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa – Becoming a Better Man On and Off the Field

New York Jets Wide Receiver Quincy EnunwaHe was recognized with Walter Payton Man of the Year Award – honoring a player’s volunteer and charity work, as well as his excellence on the field – at a young age. From the beginning, NY Jets wide receiver Quincy Enunwa has had his eye on the football, and well beyond it. In the NFL season, he’s a winner. In the off season, he strives to become a better man, and make the world a better place.

Quincy joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Using platforms and social responsibilityNew York Jets Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa
  • The influences that have led him to become a beacon of hope to others
  • The mental aspect of football
  • How the relationships made in football can be meaningful well beyond the game
  • The off season of an NFL athlete
  • Building the right team and being a player in a digital age
  • Learning healthier eating
  • And the NFL and the entrepreneurial spirit

Michael Dermer of The Lonely Entrepreneur – Determining Destiny

Michael DermerCoaching, knowledge, community, support and tools entrepreneurs need to thrive…

Michael Dermer, the founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur (a learning community for entrepreneurs), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Michael as an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer
  • The biggest issue facing entrepreneurs today, passion and grit and a good idea used to be enough
  • Finding a playground where no one else is playingMichael Dermer
  • Win by defining a space where you are going to win
  • Starting the first business in the US to reward people for being healthy
  • How his company almost destroyed overnight due to the financial crisis, cut in half over night
  • Resources that brought success again, and then got acquired after weathering the storm
  • Specific things to do that can make you a more effective entrepreneur and that give you a better chance of success
  • Michael on writing a book

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Walter Powell – Former NFL Wide Receiver – A Legacy, In Fact

What would motivate a seasoned NFL athlete to leave contracts and money on the table, and a chance to redeem himself and stay on the path of the career he’s worked at for years, to instead go all in on—political tech? 

Walter PowellFormer NFL player Walter Powell cofounder of politiscope (politiscope strips away the unnecessary complexity of politics and empowers voters with raw, unbiased information about elected officials and the policies they support) and his co-founder and friend Jackson White joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • How Powell went from a good career as a wide receiver in the NFL to political tech
  • The genesis of the tech, working with his best friend since teenage years
  • Bring transparency into something that should have had it long ago, and how misinformed we all are
  • Why professional sports is a good training ground for politicsJackson White
  • How coming off a suspension and getting back on a team was Powell’s toughest PR time, and how he dug deep into himself outside of football, and how it helped him mature
  • Getting the confidence to go all in
  • The challenge of asking for money despite believing in the mission
  • The danger of how people listen to other people without research and knowing facts
  • Why Walt turned down contracts on the table for more football
  • When should athletes should start looking at opportunities behind football?

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Bence Ivancsics of SneakerTracker – The Sneakerhead Lifestyle Connected

A social media platform for the sneakers, the users, and all the important players of the sneakerhead scene…

BenceBence Ivancsics, CEO of SneakerTracker, joins host Dale Moss and guest host and fashion technology expert Pavan Bahl in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Sports fashion and sneaker heads
  • Sneakers are so unique and brands are putting marketing efforts into it
  • The sneaker craze started around 1985?
  • The value of seeing actual product in use, carry with you the impact

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Julie “Jaws” Nelson – The Mind Is the Athlete

From ballerina to broadway performer to fitness model to boxer to Adidas global ambassador to social media influencer, Jaws shares a philosophy on mixing hard work with fun and the power of story-telling, authenticity, and integrity — in a special live audience conversation co-hosted with the “Entreprenista” podcast…

JAWSJulie “Jaws” Nelson (performer, athlete, fitness instructor, and model) joins Dale Moss and Socialfly founders and hosts of the “Entreprenista” podcast Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer in front of a MouthMedian Network live audience at Spring Place in New York City. Sponsorship by Givz.

In this game plan:

  • How Julie got her name Jaws
  • Her teachers and role models
  • How a career as dancer started young, and realizing ballet wasn’t for her
  • Being so independent

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David Agbodji – Model & Mui Tai Fighter – Being the Change

David AgbodjiWhy a successful model would place himself and his career in danger to become a competitive Mui Tai fighter, working with top brands as a model in top industries across the globe, the impact of growing up in war-torn Russia as the son of diplomats, how finding the right team is crucial for success and that search never really ends, whether social media is a barrier or tool for authenticity, and working at a high level in two careers depending largely on self promotion when it goes against your personal philosophy…

David Agbodji, professional model & Mui Tai Fighter, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • David’s biggest driveDavid Agbodji
  • The wider acceptance of the fighting space
  • Mui Tai Fighting
  • Studying martial arts in Russia, parents as diplomats
  • You are the change you are waiting for
  • The greater you get and the more successful you get, the more you realize you tend to become a better human
  • Striving for greatness
  • Why go into fighting when one punch could ruin both careers

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Claire Fountain – Balance and Perspective

Utilizing social media platforms to grow effectively, rewriting your story and brand transcript, fighting for the freedom to not boxed in within a digital space, working for balance and perspective, and defining authenticity…

Claire FountainClaire Fountain (writer, visionary, and celebrity yoga instructor who’s globally recognized TrillYoga continues to influence the fitness industry, with clients ranging from the top NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes to the likes of brands such as Amazon, Target, Adidas and Nike), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • How yoga saved her and gave her an outlet
  • A celebrity in the social media space
  • Becoming stronger mentally and physically

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Christopher Kebreau – Behind and Ahead of Pain

Christopher KebreauPain goes hand in hand with professional sports…

What’s done about that pain can vary and professional athletes are not immune from the effects of the opioid epidemic; there are real alternatives for pain relief without the need for opioids, and how it all may not be about addressing pain as what’s going on in the body and mind behind the pain.

Christopher Kebreau, Dr. of Pharmacy and Fitness Motivator (a “pharmathlete” who works with professional athletes), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

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Megan Dolce – Knowing Your Worth

Megan DolceWomen knowing their worth more than ever in sports and business, diversity in marketing and branding, why mental health issues are a real thing in athletics and how they affect marketing strategy, how to align with brand partnerships so they are authentic to your audiences, and the impact of the #METOO movement on brand marketing decision-making.

Megan Dolce Independent Consultant, CEO/Co-Founder of High Noon (a community space focused on mental health, nutrition, and overall well-being), and former Global Men’s Community Manager for lululemon, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Women empowerment, #metoo movement, brands becoming more conscious, what they say, how they say it
  • Former lululemon work in men’s marketing
  • Separation between male and female – division in apparel

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