Walter Powell – Former NFL Wide Receiver – A Legacy, In Fact

What would motivate a seasoned NFL athlete to leave contracts and money on the table, and a chance to redeem himself and stay on the path of the career he’s worked at for years, to instead go all in on—political tech? 

Walter PowellFormer NFL player Walter Powell cofounder of politiscope (politiscope strips away the unnecessary complexity of politics and empowers voters with raw, unbiased information about elected officials and the policies they support) and his co-founder and friend Jackson White joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • How Powell went from a good career as a wide receiver in the NFL to political tech
  • The genesis of the tech, working with his best friend since teenage years
  • Bring transparency into something that should have had it long ago, and how misinformed we all are
  • Why professional sports is a good training ground for politicsJackson White
  • How coming off a suspension and getting back on a team was Powell’s toughest PR time, and how he dug deep into himself outside of football, and how it helped him mature
  • Getting the confidence to go all in
  • The challenge of asking for money despite believing in the mission
  • The danger of how people listen to other people without research and knowing facts
  • Why Walt turned down contracts on the table for more football
  • When should athletes should start looking at opportunities behind football?
  • The value of listening to mature veterans
  • The social impact the platform can haveWalter Powell
  • Politiscope’s. ambassador program, and celebrities and athletes
  • The power of influencers understanding how the country works from the top down more clearly and communicate that to their fans
  • The business model
  • How legacy plays into it, and the calling of the platform morally
  • Trusting a source
  • Knowledge is power, and the moral imperative

Bence Ivancsics of SneakerTracker – The Sneakerhead Lifestyle Connected

A social media platform for the sneakers, the users, and all the important players of the sneakerhead scene…

BenceBence Ivancsics, CEO of SneakerTracker, joins host Dale Moss and guest host and fashion technology expert Pavan Bahl in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Sports fashion and sneaker heads
  • Sneakers are so unique and brands are putting marketing efforts into it
  • The sneaker craze started around 1985?
  • The value of seeing actual product in use, carry with you the impact
  • Idolizing lifestyle connected
  • Becoming a symbol of excellence
  • Giving feel in real time, showing off sneakers and showing to community what you’re wearing and connecting with living habits
  • A new network, and social influencers
  • The community aspect of SneakerTracker
  • Making people feel like they are a part of something bigger
  • How sneakers are leading sports teams to revise dress codes
  • A major shift in the NFL in the marketing space in motion
  • People are enthusiastic to share info on what they are wearing
  • Sales: numbers are one thing, seeing them on the field is another
  • Learning who, what, where, why they are wearing the sneakersBence
  • Brands will know more to release shoes strategically
  • Live analytics on what people are wearing in an event venue, what brands most popular, etc
  • Data collection, and “wcommerce”
  • One can picture oneself in that shoe
  • Being able to have a community and implementing it—the tech isn’t the hard part
  • Knowing what people are commenting, and driving to sales
  • The development of experiences/events around product drops/releases
  • Why it matters that Bence’s co-founder is a marketing expert
  • Origins of SneakerTracker, coming from Budapest
  • Hyper-engagement and relationship between customer and brand, but a delicate balance — brands can’t misstep or abuse their audiences
  • Protecting your public image on social media

Julie “Jaws” Nelson – The Mind Is the Athlete

From ballerina to broadway performer to fitness model to boxer to Adidas global ambassador to social media influencer, Jaws shares a philosophy on mixing hard work with fun and the power of story-telling, authenticity, and integrity — in a special live audience conversation co-hosted with the “Entreprenista” podcast…

JAWSJulie “Jaws” Nelson (performer, athlete, fitness instructor, and model) joins Dale Moss and Socialfly founders and hosts of the “Entreprenista” podcast Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer in front of a MouthMedian Network live audience at Spring Place in New York City. Sponsorship by Givz.

In this game plan:

  • How Julie got her name Jaws
  • Her teachers and role models
  • How a career as dancer started young, and realizing ballet wasn’t for her
  • Being so independent
  • Success before 25, and hired for fitness ads because of jumping ability
  • How Jaws got into fitness modeling
  • Becoming a professional
  • Broadway and her first theatrical tour
  • Standing for something larger via Adidas creating smaller social circles which creates a movementJaws
  • Why Jaws is cautious about putting her personal life out there, social media can be very exposing, so choosing  a brand to align with 
  • Finding strength, how bullying motivated
  • Being connected to people you work with
  • The risk of working with a few big brands vs. being available to more brands
  • Choosing to be the odd one out
  • Deciding to build her Instagram presence purposefully to propel to other opportunities
  • The value of preparation
  • The opportunity to rebrand
  • Switching to Rumble, and their great use of social media
  • When a small following is ok with great content
  • It’s a people business
  • Chumming the water by strategically bringing in the best people
  • Starting as a community as an asset to build with
  • A surprise from Entreprenista
  • A brainstorm on the next move
  • Rapid fire questions
  • Boxing as a female
  • Being your own opponent
  • Heather Hardy

David Agbodji – Model & Mui Tai Fighter – Being the Change

David AgbodjiWhy a successful model would place himself and his career in danger to become a competitive Mui Tai fighter, working with top brands as a model in top industries across the globe, the impact of growing up in war-torn Russia as the son of diplomats, how finding the right team is crucial for success and that search never really ends, whether social media is a barrier or tool for authenticity, and working at a high level in two careers depending largely on self promotion when it goes against your personal philosophy…

David Agbodji, professional model & Mui Tai Fighter, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • David’s biggest driveDavid Agbodji
  • The wider acceptance of the fighting space
  • Mui Tai Fighting
  • Studying martial arts in Russia, parents as diplomats
  • You are the change you are waiting for
  • The greater you get and the more successful you get, the more you realize you tend to become a better human
  • Striving for greatness
  • Why go into fighting when one punch could ruin both careers
  • Trusting in team
  • Why the pressure of being a runway model has helped prepare him to be comfortable in the ring
  • How David got into fighting, and how he never set out to fight
  • Adjusting from street fighting to earning points in the ring
  • Earning success
  • Why doing something you enjoy means you can’t fail
  • Lesson to have success in modeling
  • Living by your words
  • Knowledge vs. knowing
  • Philanthropy and how we impact the world around us, and not bragging about charity
  • Being true to your self 
  • Showing people the right way
  • Social media in charity causes?
  • Complaining about what’s not right  vs. changing what’s not right

Claire Fountain – Balance and Perspective

Utilizing social media platforms to grow effectively, rewriting your story and brand transcript, fighting for the freedom to not boxed in within a digital space, working for balance and perspective, and defining authenticity…

Claire FountainClaire Fountain (writer, visionary, and celebrity yoga instructor who’s globally recognized TrillYoga continues to influence the fitness industry, with clients ranging from the top NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes to the likes of brands such as Amazon, Target, Adidas and Nike), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • How yoga saved her and gave her an outlet
  • A celebrity in the social media space
  • Becoming stronger mentally and physically
  • Why yoga and how she got into it at 15-16 years old due to mental health issues and eating disorder
  • Why Lebron James doing yoga mattered
  • Yoga gives you answers along the way, forces you to be present and become more self aware
  • Authenticity vs. popularity
  • Influence and authenticity

Claire Fountain

  • Pressure from a brand to be something different from core values
  • Having another skill set than influencing
  • The right platform for your message and personality
  • Knowledge is power
  • Women growing community together vs. being divided, competing
  • What is empowerment?
  • Characteristics successful athletes have had in common, a focus
  • Money changes the game, not knowing who you can trust
  • Sustainability and longevity
  • Outsourcing for the right partner to tell your story while protecting your story and image
  • Avoiding letting outside factors determine who you are
  • Alignment of representation
  • Transitions can be a discouraging steep climb
  • Is vulnerability a bad thing?

Christopher Kebreau – Behind and Ahead of Pain

Christopher KebreauPain goes hand in hand with professional sports…

What’s done about that pain can vary and professional athletes are not immune from the effects of the opioid epidemic; there are real alternatives for pain relief without the need for opioids, and how it all may not be about addressing pain as what’s going on in the body and mind behind the pain.

Christopher Kebreau, Dr. of Pharmacy and Fitness Motivator (a “pharmathlete” who works with professional athletes), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Opioid epidemic and what athletes are going throughChristopher Kebreau
  • Why athletes are resorting to pills
  • Quick fixes under the pressure to do so
  • Accelerated recovery time playing a role
  • The need to talk about pain issues and pharmaceuticals, having a plan
  • How the supplementation industry has exploded, but a lot of useless options out there
  • Sports teams starting to add nutritionists on staff and nutritional psychology
  • Perform better and recover faster with whole body approach—very new thinking
  • Mental and healthy culture, food, total body approach
  • Stretching makes huge difference
  • Pharmacy meets personal training
  • Nobody takes care of your body better than you


Megan Dolce – Knowing Your Worth

Megan DolceWomen knowing their worth more than ever in sports and business, diversity in marketing and branding, why mental health issues are a real thing in athletics and how they affect marketing strategy, how to align with brand partnerships so they are authentic to your audiences, and the impact of the #METOO movement on brand marketing decision-making.

Megan Dolce Independent Consultant, CEO/Co-Founder of High Noon (a community space focused on mental health, nutrition, and overall well-being), and former Global Men’s Community Manager for lululemon, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Women empowerment, #metoo movement, brands becoming more conscious, what they say, how they say it
  • Former lululemon work in men’s marketing
  • Separation between male and female – division in apparel
  • How Megan started in fashion corporate
  • Was following a paycheck but nothing more
  • Teaching parents that following your passion leads to everything else you want
  • Megan built a consulting business before leaving lululemon
  • The self doubt and ups and downs
  • Growth and fear
  • Developing company culture that’s relatable
  • How the happiness of people working for you hits the bottom line
  • Nothing more important in life than peopleMegan Dolce
  • The two things you need living in NYC
  • Looking at a brand ambassador as your new friend
  • Mentorship, always knowing your worth
  • Being capable vs. pushing people away, the evolution of you, and how the mundane gets you there
  • Voice and perspective make you different, not surface
  • High Noon  — community space, conversations with depth
  • Community is the greatest tool
  • Routines
  • Everything now has motion for long term for Megan
  • Being willing to learn and having a good team around you
  • Knowing your core values

Josh Martin – Linebacker for the NY Jets – All Business

When you get to the top of your pro-athlete career, are you ready for what’s next?

Josh MartinWith six pro seasons and his best year yet, NY Jets linebacker Josh Martin has been sidelined by two concussions that landed him on the injured reserve list for the rest of the season, and forced him to think about accelerating the process of planning life and what’s next after football. He discusses team building, how he was unprepared the change of culture that’s needed for well-rounded success, and about forming a strong and diverse management team to be ready for the next chapter. Plus, the need for pro athletes to create a strong social media presence, and his surprising musical side.

Josh Martin joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Coming off a concussion, taking time and flipping it into a positiveJosh Martin
  • The high injury rate in the NFL, learning how to deal with injury
  • How Josh got involved in the music space
  • Building the right business team
  • Recognizing pro athletics is a business, and you are a brand
  • Performing at a high level and recognizing the stress of that
  • Jets—the most difficult things about starting that journey
  • The most important team Josh built
  • What Josh has learned from veterans in the locker room, and the importance of approaching experienced people for tokens of wisdom

Cara Castronuova – Fighting Spirit

Cara CastronuovaWhy two-time Golden Glove boxing champion,  Season 11 trainer for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”, and founder of the “Knockout Obesity Foundation”, still has something to prove. From the wrestling mat to the boxing ring, the remarkable capabilities of the human spirit and body, and her fight to become the first woman to call a men’s heavyweight championship bout…

Cara Castronuova, celebrity fitness trainer, athlete, activist and media personality (previously featured as a head trainer on NBC’s hit television show “The Biggest Loser”, where she helped propel the show to its highest ratings ever. a champion boxer and past nationally ranked two-time Golden Gloves Champion, who has acted as spokesperson for many sports, fitness and nutrition companies such as Puma, Modell’s Sporting Goods, The Sports Authority, Kind Bars and Purium Health, and who made history by becoming the first female spokesperson on Everlast’s extensive roster of champions) joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Cara Castronuova on finding balance between being a lover and a fighter
  • The transition to life after boxing, what does she do next, what are her skills?
  • Training young girls to box and refereeing
  • The “shame” felt after initially leaving your sport
  • The poetry of a match, and the need to be close to it
  • The barriers Cara and her peers faced in the world of boxingCara Castronuova
  • The stigma of being a female boxer and the difficulty to find quality trainers
  • MMA vs Boxing and the shift to empower female athletes in male dominated sports
  • Her personal goal to referee a Manny/Floyd caliber fight
  • The joy of refereeing and being so close to the fight, she has the best seat in the house
  • Understanding the need for fighter safety today versus her mentality when she was a young fighter
  • The future of boxing in an MMA world
  • Women in sport; MMA vs. Boxing
  • The structure of MMA vs. boxing
  • Which is more important? The product or the athlete?
  • Hindsight is always 20/20: How she would approach her career differently with the knowledge she has today
  • Feeding fighter mentality and moving to boxing.
  • The army drills of childhood.
  • Attending high school upstate away from her family in Long Island
  • Joining the wrestling team thinking she was signing up for “professional” WWF
  • The fear of your first fight
  • The mentality behind individual sports vs. team sports
  • The moment she knew she had respect in the boxing world
  • The impact fighting has had on her life outside the ring
  • The grind of training, and different approaches to motivation
  • The turn from giving up to seeing results
  • Leveraging a fighting career into endorsements and TV opportunities
  • The new world of social media and branding your athleticism
  • The genesis of Knockout Obesity; creating positive associations with fitness for kids
  • The reality of life vs reality tv; “Biggest Loser”
  • The different psyches she experienced in her years of training

Kenny Santucci – Is CrossFit a Sport? Or Is It Just the Future?

Is CrossFit a legitimate sport — and should brands be taking notice? Crossfit is growing globally with a huge community and following, and Kenny Santucci has built a highly successful business on its foundation.  He shares his journey to success, discusses coaches vs. trainers, explores the problem with misinformation in the health and wellness industry, and reveals  a game-changing upcoming event for the fitness community. Plus — the meaning of “klangin’ and bangin’”.

Kenny Santucci, Program Director & Coach at Solace New York (Crossfit Solace), Brand Ambassador for Michelob ULTRA, Elite Trainer for Reebok, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Is CrossFit a legit sport?
  • Women in CrossFit
  • Kenny’s unlikely CrossFit start as someone unhappy with himself, and why he’s so hard on people
  • Kenny on becoming a trainer at Equinox
  • Solace as an ecosystem, why it is so successful
  • Why Solace doesn’t say CrossFit gym anymore
  • You have to evolve with your community
  • Preferring a smaller, solid, great group
  • Coaches vs. trainers
  • Is UFC a sport?
  • What makes a sport?
  • CrossFit as a sport seen as useful to mainstream media?
  • Views vs, core values for a brand
  • Brands are very  focused on health and wellness
  • To change physiology, a person must push weight
  • No such thing as a bad business—just bad business people, bad management
  • Find a way or make a way
  • A good person wants other people to become better, do well
  • Kenny on developing an event bringing fitness community together under one roof food, gear, celebrating idea of fitness
  • The issues with supplements
  • Raising money to fight Alzheimers, and how fitness matters
  • The opportunities for the fitness space and what people can do
  • A fear of “Skynet”
  • Core values, and why CrossFit is “blowing up” around the world
  • Ten rapid fire questions include Bo Jackson, cheeseburgers, and “clangin’ and bangin’”
  • Plus, Lola the dog is snoring