Kenny Santucci – Is CrossFit a Sport? Or Is It Just the Future?

Is CrossFit a legitimate sport — and should brands be taking notice? Crossfit is growing globally with a huge community and following, and Kenny Santucci has built a highly successful business on its foundation.  He shares his journey to success, discusses coaches vs. trainers, explores the problem with misinformation in the health and wellness industry, and reveals  a game-changing upcoming event for the fitness community. Plus — the meaning of “klangin’ and bangin’”.

Kenny Santucci, Program Director & Coach at Solace New York (Crossfit Solace), Brand Ambassador for Michelob ULTRA, Elite Trainer for Reebok, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Is CrossFit a legit sport?
  • Women in CrossFit
  • Kenny’s unlikely CrossFit start as someone unhappy with himself, and why he’s so hard on people

  • Kenny on becoming a trainer at Equinox
  • Solace as an ecosystem, why it is so successful
  • Why Solace doesn’t say CrossFit gym anymore
  • You have to evolve with your community
  • Preferring a smaller, solid, great group
  • Coaches vs. trainers
  • Is UFC a sport?
  • What makes a sport?
  • CrossFit as a sport seen as useful to mainstream media?
  • Views vs, core values for a brand
  • Brands are very  focused on health and wellness
  • To change physiology, a person must push weight
  • No such thing as a bad business—just bad business people, bad management
  • Find a way or make a way
  • A good person wants other people to become better, do well
  • Kenny on developing an event bringing fitness community together under one roof food, gear, celebrating idea of fitness
  • The issues with supplements
  • Raising money to fight Alzheimers, and how fitness matters
  • The opportunities for the fitness space and what people can do
  • A fear of “Skynet”
  • Core values, and why CrossFit is “blowing up” around the world
  • Ten rapid fire questions include Bo Jackson, cheeseburgers, and “clangin’ and bangin’”
  • Plus, Lola the dog is snoring

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