Megan DolceWomen knowing their worth more than ever in sports and business, diversity in marketing and branding, why mental health issues are a real thing in athletics and how they affect marketing strategy, how to align with brand partnerships so they are authentic to your audiences, and the impact of the #METOO movement on brand marketing decision-making.

Megan Dolce Independent Consultant, CEO/Co-Founder of High Noon (a community space focused on mental health, nutrition, and overall well-being), and former Global Men’s Community Manager for lululemon, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Women empowerment, #metoo movement, brands becoming more conscious, what they say, how they say it
  • Former lululemon work in men’s marketing
  • Separation between male and female – division in apparel

  • How Megan started in fashion corporate
  • Was following a paycheck but nothing more
  • Teaching parents that following your passion leads to everything else you want
  • Megan built a consulting business before leaving lululemon
  • The self doubt and ups and downs
  • Growth and fear
  • Developing company culture that’s relatable
  • How the happiness of people working for you hits the bottom line
  • Nothing more important in life than peopleMegan Dolce
  • The two things you need living in NYC
  • Looking at a brand ambassador as your new friend
  • Mentorship, always knowing your worth
  • Being capable vs. pushing people away, the evolution of you, and how the mundane gets you there
  • Voice and perspective make you different, not surface
  • High Noon  — community space, conversations with depth
  • Community is the greatest tool
  • Routines
  • Everything now has motion for long term for Megan
  • Being willing to learn and having a good team around you
  • Knowing your core values

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