Utilizing social media platforms to grow effectively, rewriting your story and brand transcript, fighting for the freedom to not boxed in within a digital space, working for balance and perspective, and defining authenticity…

Claire FountainClaire Fountain (writer, visionary, and celebrity yoga instructor who’s globally recognized TrillYoga continues to influence the fitness industry, with clients ranging from the top NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes to the likes of brands such as Amazon, Target, Adidas and Nike), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • How yoga saved her and gave her an outlet
  • A celebrity in the social media space
  • Becoming stronger mentally and physically

  • Why yoga and how she got into it at 15-16 years old due to mental health issues and eating disorder
  • Why Lebron James doing yoga mattered
  • Yoga gives you answers along the way, forces you to be present and become more self aware
  • Authenticity vs. popularity
  • Influence and authenticity

Claire Fountain

  • Pressure from a brand to be something different from core values
  • Having another skill set than influencing
  • The right platform for your message and personality
  • Knowledge is power
  • Women growing community together vs. being divided, competing
  • What is empowerment?
  • Characteristics successful athletes have had in common, a focus
  • Money changes the game, not knowing who you can trust
  • Sustainability and longevity
  • Outsourcing for the right partner to tell your story while protecting your story and image
  • Avoiding letting outside factors determine who you are
  • Alignment of representation
  • Transitions can be a discouraging steep climb
  • Is vulnerability a bad thing?

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