David AgbodjiWhy a successful model would place himself and his career in danger to become a competitive Mui Tai fighter, working with top brands as a model in top industries across the globe, the impact of growing up in war-torn Russia as the son of diplomats, how finding the right team is crucial for success and that search never really ends, whether social media is a barrier or tool for authenticity, and working at a high level in two careers depending largely on self promotion when it goes against your personal philosophy…

David Agbodji, professional model & Mui Tai Fighter, joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • David’s biggest driveDavid Agbodji
  • The wider acceptance of the fighting space
  • Mui Tai Fighting
  • Studying martial arts in Russia, parents as diplomats
  • You are the change you are waiting for
  • The greater you get and the more successful you get, the more you realize you tend to become a better human
  • Striving for greatness
  • Why go into fighting when one punch could ruin both careers

  • Trusting in team
  • Why the pressure of being a runway model has helped prepare him to be comfortable in the ring
  • How David got into fighting, and how he never set out to fight
  • Adjusting from street fighting to earning points in the ring
  • Earning success
  • Why doing something you enjoy means you can’t fail
  • Lesson to have success in modeling
  • Living by your words
  • Knowledge vs. knowing
  • Philanthropy and how we impact the world around us, and not bragging about charity
  • Being true to your self 
  • Showing people the right way
  • Social media in charity causes?
  • Complaining about what’s not right  vs. changing what’s not right

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