From ballerina to broadway performer to fitness model to boxer to Adidas global ambassador to social media influencer, Jaws shares a philosophy on mixing hard work with fun and the power of story-telling, authenticity, and integrity — in a special live audience conversation co-hosted with the “Entreprenista” podcast…

JAWSJulie “Jaws” Nelson (performer, athlete, fitness instructor, and model) joins Dale Moss and Socialfly founders and hosts of the “Entreprenista” podcast Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer in front of a MouthMedian Network live audience at Spring Place in New York City. Sponsorship by Givz.

In this game plan:

  • How Julie got her name Jaws
  • Her teachers and role models
  • How a career as dancer started young, and realizing ballet wasn’t for her
  • Being so independent

  • Success before 25, and hired for fitness ads because of jumping ability
  • How Jaws got into fitness modeling
  • Becoming a professional
  • Broadway and her first theatrical tour
  • Standing for something larger via Adidas creating smaller social circles which creates a movementJaws
  • Why Jaws is cautious about putting her personal life out there, social media can be very exposing, so choosing  a brand to align with 
  • Finding strength, how bullying motivated
  • Being connected to people you work with
  • The risk of working with a few big brands vs. being available to more brands
  • Choosing to be the odd one out
  • Deciding to build her Instagram presence purposefully to propel to other opportunities
  • The value of preparation
  • The opportunity to rebrand
  • Switching to Rumble, and their great use of social media
  • When a small following is ok with great content
  • It’s a people business
  • Chumming the water by strategically bringing in the best people
  • Starting as a community as an asset to build with
  • A surprise from Entreprenista
  • A brainstorm on the next move
  • Rapid fire questions
  • Boxing as a female
  • Being your own opponent
  • Heather Hardy

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