Michael Dermer of The Lonely Entrepreneur – Determining Destiny

Michael DermerCoaching, knowledge, community, support and tools entrepreneurs need to thrive…

Michael Dermer, the founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur (a learning community for entrepreneurs), joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • Michael as an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer
  • The biggest issue facing entrepreneurs today, passion and grit and a good idea used to be enough
  • Finding a playground where no one else is playingMichael Dermer
  • Win by defining a space where you are going to win
  • Starting the first business in the US to reward people for being healthy
  • How his company almost destroyed overnight due to the financial crisis, cut in half over night
  • Resources that brought success again, and then got acquired after weathering the storm
  • Specific things to do that can make you a more effective entrepreneur and that give you a better chance of success
  • Michael on writing a book

  • The power of having a community as an entrepreneur
  • Skill and business acumen is not both in the majority of people
  • The necessity of both ego and humility
  • Knowing what you need and being creative in going to get itMichael Dermer
  • Most athletes have zero job experience other than their sport
  • Why a controlling style is bad leadership, and knowing what it is supposed to look like
  • Leading yourself and riding an emotional rollercoaster
  • Empowering groups with skills too live a more posotive life
  • The days of determining your own destiny is here
  • Enabling corporate America to empower entrepreneurs and stay close to the ground with the best new entrepreneurs
  • 40k+ entrepreneurs
  • Picking a spot where you know you can win, more important than trying to win

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