What would motivate a seasoned NFL athlete to leave contracts and money on the table, and a chance to redeem himself and stay on the path of the career he’s worked at for years, to instead go all in on—political tech? 

Walter PowellFormer NFL player Walter Powell cofounder of politiscope (politiscope strips away the unnecessary complexity of politics and empowers voters with raw, unbiased information about elected officials and the policies they support) and his co-founder and friend Jackson White joins host Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this Game Plan:

  • How Powell went from a good career as a wide receiver in the NFL to political tech
  • The genesis of the tech, working with his best friend since teenage years
  • Bring transparency into something that should have had it long ago, and how misinformed we all are
  • Why professional sports is a good training ground for politicsJackson White
  • How coming off a suspension and getting back on a team was Powell’s toughest PR time, and how he dug deep into himself outside of football, and how it helped him mature
  • Getting the confidence to go all in
  • The challenge of asking for money despite believing in the mission
  • The danger of how people listen to other people without research and knowing facts
  • Why Walt turned down contracts on the table for more football
  • When should athletes should start looking at opportunities behind football?

  • The value of listening to mature veterans
  • The social impact the platform can haveWalter Powell
  • Politiscope’s. ambassador program, and celebrities and athletes
  • The power of influencers understanding how the country works from the top down more clearly and communicate that to their fans
  • The business model
  • How legacy plays into it, and the calling of the platform morally
  • Trusting a source
  • Knowledge is power, and the moral imperative