Surf Yoga BeerCan meaningful connections propel a business to scale, and scale fast? Can SurfYogaBeer’s process of bringing people together actually be a kind of innovation?

If you ask Mantas Zvinas and Samir Poonawala of Surf Yoga Beer, a fast-growing, incredible community all over the world who have had an experience on adventures, events, classes or just parties, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Mantas (founder of SurfYogaBeer and a SoulCycle instructor) and Samir Poonawala (Analyst at Tribeca Angels), join Dale Moss in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

Surf Yoga Beer

In this game plan:

  • How Mantas’ success as a senior instructor at Soul Cycle played into taking on a growing trend and demand and putting it literally on a global scale
  • How he took what he learned out of the studio and brought it into the world
  • The concept of “entertrainment”Surf Yoga Beer
  • How the mantra of “don’t think, just do” has been important
  • Scaling a business in the fitness space while maintaining authenticity
  • Building the right team, and how this team has come together
  • A lively round of “rose and thorn” –the travel version
  • And—goat yoga?

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